The basics of handling and maintaining Japanese umbrellas - (2)

The basics of handling and maintaining Japanese umbrellas - (2)

Learn more! How to handle Japanese umbrellas, basic course - Part 2

"I wonder how I should handle Japanese umbrellas..." "I'm worried about whether I can use them properly..."
When you become interested in Japanese umbrellas, the first thing you probably wonder about is how to use them.

In the previous article, `` How to handle and maintain Japanese umbrellas - (1), '' we introduced common ways to handle umbrellas and parasols.
This time, we will explain in an easy-to-understand way with photos and videos how to handle and maintain umbrellas and parasols!

Please take a look, not only for those who are new to Japanese umbrellas, but also for those who have used Japanese umbrellas in the past.

Umbrella (Janome umbrella/Bangasa) edition

umbrella photo

What should I do with a Japanese umbrella that gets wet in the rain?

After you get home, if possible, open it at your front door or indoors and dry it on the same day.
It will dry quite a bit overnight, so check the washi and close it if it's dry.
To keep it in good condition, it is important to dry it thoroughly!
If you repeatedly leave the door closed when it's wet, mold will grow on the bamboo or Japanese paper, leading to deterioration.
Make it a routine to dry your clothes the same day if they get wet.

*The photo shows mold growing on bamboo and Japanese paper. When this happens, there is nothing you can do.

A damaged Japanese umbrella
Inside of umbrella with mold

How should I store Japanese umbrellas?

If it's in a box, take it out of the box first.
Then, remove the tightening ring (*) and store it in a well-ventilated place.
*Japanese umbrellas purchased at Wagasa CASA are wrapped in a washi paper ring to prevent them from opening.

Storage methods include ≪hanging≫≪standing upright≫.
You can hang the string attached to the head of the Janome umbrella or Japanese umbrella somewhere. By doing so, the umbrella will be slightly open and air will pass through, preventing the oil papers from sticking together.
If you don't have a place to hang it, you can just stand it with your hands facing down.

Figure holding a Japanese umbrella

Are there any areas to be careful about when holding a wet umbrella?

Be careful not to grip the head (red circle) in the photo too tightly when it is wet from the rain.
When holding a wet umbrella, hold it so that it is slightly below your head and just above the bone.
Check out " The ABCs of Handling and Maintenance of Japanese Umbrellas - (1) " for more information on how to hold a Japanese umbrella!

Kappa's place

Is it okay to use a Janome umbrella or Banagasa instead of a parasol? (Can it be used for both purposes?)

Janome umbrellas and bangasa umbrellas have Japanese paper coated with oil. For this reason, continued exposure to direct sunlight is one of the causes of accelerated deterioration of washi paper. (It also accelerates aging)
If you want to use it as an umbrella for a long time, we recommend that you avoid using it on sunny days.

Is it okay to leave it in the car?

If you leave it in an environment where the inside of your car gets hot, such as during the hot summer months, the Japanese paper will deteriorate and become more prone to tearing, so it's best not to leave it in your car.

Will maintenance be necessary after a few years? (Additional oil extraction, etc.)

No special maintenance required.
It is important to dry the product thoroughly after it gets wet and store it in a well-ventilated place.
(Please contact us if you need repairs due to washi paper covering etc.)

Parasol edition

Parasol [Corsoyard Falling Water Paper "Ryusui" x Blue Green]

Can a Japanese umbrella be used in the rain? (Can it be used for both purposes?)

The washi paper used for the parasol is not treated with oil or other waterproof treatments, so it cannot be used on rainy days.
If it suddenly rains and you get wet, be sure to dry it completely before closing it.

Are there any parasols that are compact and portable?

Parasol [Corsoyard Falling Water Paper "Ryusui" x Blue Green]

Please choose a parasol with a "tsugi pattern" specification.
You can remove it by twisting the metal (brass, etc.) connecting part around the center of the handle.

Although it is very small and cannot be used like a Western umbrella, the handle does not stick out of the parasol bag, making it convenient to carry.

Check it out in the video↓

How to make a handle for a Japanese parasol type umbrella 1


How to make a handle for a Japanese parasol type umbrella 2


How to make a handle for a Japanese parasol type umbrella 3


How to make a handle for a Japanese parasol type umbrella 4


Will maintenance be necessary after a few years?

It's not particularly necessary.
Parasols last longer than umbrellas coated with oil because the washi paper deteriorates less.
Since it is made of washi paper, be careful not to get pricked by water or sharp objects!
(Washi paper may fade due to light etc. The number of years it can be used depends on the frequency and storage method.)


We have introduced how to handle and maintain umbrellas and parasols.
If you're not familiar with Japanese umbrellas, you might feel anxious because you don't know how to use them, but I hope knowing the basics of how to use them will alleviate your concerns.
Please find your favorite Japanese umbrella and go out.

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A figure with a Japanese umbrella propped up

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