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Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture receives the blessings of the Nagara River flowing through the town and washi paper. It flourished as a production center for crafts because it is where bamboo and bamboo gather. Gifu Japanese umbrella is a Japanese umbrella made in Gifu.

There were gorgeous sights of hanging Japanese umbrellas here and there in Gifu. There was an era

Gifu Japanese umbrellas were encouraged by the lord of Kano (now the southern part of Gifu City) in the latter half of the Edo period, and at the end of Edo, there were 500,000 Japanese umbrellas produced annually.
In the 1945s, when it was at its peak, the production of 15 million bottles was produced annually.
Japan is still the largest production area.

However, the number of craftsmen involved in the production of Gifu Japanese umbrellas is decreasing year by year, and we are facing a major pinch as the production center and the tradition of Japanese umbrellas disappearing.

There are craftsmen who support the tradition and supporters of projects to secure materials, hoping that the beautiful Japanese umbrella will be passed down for a long time.

Craftsmen who support the Gifu Japanese umbrella

Takahashi Wagasa store: Miki Tanaka

After working at the Sakata Eikichi main store for more than 10 years, he is now independent, and he sets up his own workshop.
As you aim to become a Japanese umbrella craftsman from a Japanese paper lover, you will be able to fully enjoy the charm of Japanese paper.
There is a good reputation for a beautiful Japanese umbrella created by a reliable technique and a stylish sense.

Kasabiyori : Mikiko Kawai

Kasabiyori : Mikiko Kawai

Born into a family of Japanese umbrella wholesalers, he grew up looking at Japanese umbrella making from an early age.
With the high technology, such as the cherry blossom-shaped Japanese umbrellas and original Japanese umbrellas, which have attracted a lot of attention, we have a reputation for making gorgeous and beautiful Japanese umbrellas.

WEB http://kasabiyori.com/
Insagram https://www.instagram.com/kasabiyori/

Eikichi Sakaida Main Store

Founded in Taisho 2
Gifu Japanese umbrella wholesaler
The founder, Eikichi Sakita, devised and produced an innovative style parasol for a Japanese umbrella whose mainstream is a rain umbrella.
Currently, he has inherited the traditional beauty of Japanese umbrellas, such as the production and repair of hanging umbrellas at Ise Jingu.
WEB http://kano-wagasa.jp/

Maruto Fujisawa Shoten

Founded in 1988. Gifu Japanese umbrella wholesaler.
For a long time, he has been making efforts to train craftsmen and is leading the Gifu Japanese umbrella industry.
We handle a wide variety of Japanese umbrellas, from everyday-use jersey umbrellas to kabuki and Japanese dance umbrellas and festival-style umbrellas.

Hirano Akihiro Shoten

Wagasa Umbrella wholesaler for over 100 years
I've been good at silk dance umbrellas for dance.
Currently, we are producing straight Japanese umbrellas such as guard umbrellas and colorfulBull's-eye design (Janomegasa) umbrellas.

Nagaya Wood Works: Kazuo Nagaya