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Wagasa CASA (Japanese umbrella)
500-8009 29 Minatomachi, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, JAPAN
Nagara River Tesoto Machiya CASA 1F
Open: 11:00-18:00
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
☏: 090-8335-9759
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Japanese umbrella CASA not only sells umbrellas, but also tells the story of the creator together

Only in Gifu prefecture Meaning of operating a Japanese umbrella specialty store "Wagashi CASA"

Gifu City boasts the top Japanese umbrella production value in Japan. However, nowadays, even Gifu residents are not aware of the existence of the Gifu Japanese umbrella.
Unfortunately, "Japanese umbrellas are Kyoto, right?" "Umbrellas made in China are cheap to use in the photo studio."
The more you know about Japanese umbrellas, the more critical the materials and successors are.
If production parts in Gifu are cut off, you cannot make Japanese umbrellas all over Japan.
I felt a sense of crisis about the disappearance of Japanese culture.

A select shop of Japanese umbrellas that directly conveys the charm of Gifu Japanese umbrellas so that "Gifu is the name of Japanese umbrellas".

That is the "Japanese umbrella CASA".

1. I would like to sell Gifu Japanese umbrellas directly

Because there is a shop specializing in Gifu Japanese umbrellas,
・Visit Gifu for the purpose of purchasing Japanese umbrellas from outside the prefecture. People
-People who have been interested but who have given up on purchasing without having the chance to pick them up now have the opportunity to pick up a Japanese umbrella and create a place to buy. ..
Tourists enter the store without knowing that they are specialized in Japanese umbrellas, and some people are fascinated by Japanese umbrellas and purchase.
I feel the potential of Japanese umbrellas.

2. I want to connect a Japanese umbrella craftsman with a purchaser

Because the Japanese umbrella craftsman does not engage in sales, there is almost no chance to know the reaction of the end user. There is none.
In addition, the end user will not have the opportunity to know the craftsman's feelings unless the sales staff explains.
That's why I want to connect craftsmen and end users with Wagasa CASA.

Tell the purchaser about the personality, commitment, and feelings of the craftsman, and tell the craftsman how he was happy.
As a result, craftsmen are more motivated and rewarding.
On the other hand, I think that the purchaser will have an attachment and satisfaction for the Japanese umbrella.

We don't sell Japanese umbrellas for profit.
I would like buyers to convey the history and culture of Japanese umbrellas and the feelings of craftsmen to bring back something that is even more satisfying.
And I hope that the charm of Gifu Japanese umbrellas will spread to various places in Japan and overseas and the Japanese umbrella industry will be gradually activated, which will help craftsmen.

Yusuke Kaba
▲ Japanese umbrella CASA management
NPO corporation ORGAN President Yusuke Kaba

Ikumi Kawaguchi
▲Ikumi Kawaguchi, Manager of Japanese umbrella CASA

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