Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is it possible to restore the Japanese umbrella and re-attach the paper?

A. It costs more than a new one because it is disassembled and repaired from scratch for repair.
In addition, since it is highly possible that the bamboo bones of the Japanese umbrellas that have been purchased for more than 20 years have deteriorated, they may be damaged during the repair work. There is a possibility.

Q. What's the difference between the Janome Umbrella(bull's-eye pattern) and the Bangasa (coarse oilpaper umbrella)?

A. Both umbrellas are used on rainy days. The Bangasa has a thicker bone and handle than the Janome Umbrella and has a solid feeling.

Q. How can I maintain a Japanese umbrella?

A. When you come home, open a Japanese umbrella at the front door or indoors and dry it. Please close when dry.
If you keep it closed while it is wet, mold will grow on the bamboo and Japanese paper, leading to deterioration.
No other special care is required.

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Q. How many years will you have?

A.Use There is no standard number of years depending on the frequency and usage, but there are some people who use it for 5 years or 10 years. ..

Q. How is Gifu Japanese umbrella different from other Japanese umbrellas?

A. Gifu Japanese umbrellas have been said to be thin and beautiful for a long time when closed, it seems that they are called bamboo when they are closed and flowers when they are open.