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Wagasa CASA YouTube channel


Tokai TV | “Taichisan!” Kokubun Friends/To a young female craftsman who makes “Japanese umbrellas that go well with clothes” (MC Kokubun Taichi)

Broadcast on Sunday, July 19, 2020
This is a broadcast announcement video. Taichi Kokubun from TOKIO visited the craftsman, Mr. Kawai.

Gifu City | Information Channel “Gifu JIN: Mikiko Kawai, a young Japanese umbrella craftsman who inherits the techniques”

February 2019 Gifu City Official Channel

Gifu MIRAI's Channel | Gifu Japanese umbrella craftsman Miki Tanaka

Broadcast on December 7, 2023 Gifu City Board of Education

The first part of the interview, which was broadcast live as a class for 4th to 6th grade elementary school students in Gifu City, was recorded using Wagasa CASA. Many children learned about the work of Japanese umbrella craftsmen.

Gifu-chan | My Graph No. 5 Miki Tanaka (Japanese umbrella craftsman)

Broadcast on November 3, 2021 Gifuchan TV

An interview program where you listen to various episodes based on life charts. The themes are ``Women who play an active role'' and ``Manufacturing.'' (A life chart is a graphical representation of the degree of fulfillment at each moment in life.)

Nippon Handicraft Illustrated Book (WEB Media) | Bamboo Opening and Flowers [Nippon Manufacturing Film Award 2019 Special Award Winner / Production: Tsuguhide Morino]

October 2019
Nippon Manufacturing Film Award

Sponsored by: Nippon Handiwork Encyclopedia

Japanese handicraft encyclopedia (WEB media) | Gifu Japanese umbrella craftsman Takahashi Japanese umbrella store

Video production Japanese handiwork encyclopedia
Videographer Yuhei Kodaka

Discovery Channel (CS Broadcasting) | Door to Tomorrow by At Home

August 2019
door to tomorrow

Panasonic|Takumi of Gifu ~Craftsmen who protect traditional crafts~

July 2015 Panasonic Visuals Co., Ltd.
A work photographing Gifu's traditional crafts, Japanese umbrellas, lanterns, and swordsmiths, using Panasonic's 4K camera "VARICAM35."

TV Tokyo | A Japanese umbrella craftsman who makes you smile even on rainy days [TON, TEN, KAN ~ Rhythm played by passionate feelings ~ #17]

July 2019 TV TOKYO Official TV TOKYO
This is a broadcast announcement video.

TBS|[From the field] SDGs Protect Japanese umbrellas for the world in 2030! Successor training is also an SDG

Broadcast on January 22, 2020 TBS NEWS DIG Powered by JNN News/CBC TV interview

FIAT | [FIAT x MIJP collaboration 16th] Gifu/Gifu Japanese umbrella

June 2019 FIAT Japan Official

NHK|“Purse of Beauty” File47 Japanese Umbrella

Broadcast on May 18, 2007 NHK TV

Program broadcast content

NHK “Pot of Beauty”

News/Proposals for Japanese umbrellas that go well with clothes; Young craftsmen are born; a new style for Gifu Japanese umbrellas

Broadcast on July 3, 2023 Gifu-chan (TV)

Program broadcast content

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Paper/text media

Gifu Prefecture Greening Promotion Committee | Forest Master/Master Series Kazuo Nagaya, Wagasa potter's wheel

Gifu Prefecture Greening Promotion Committee, Public Interest Incorporated Association

Open PDF

Gifu City Library | Miki Tanaka, a Japanese umbrella craftsman fascinated by Japanese paper

Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos Civic Pride Place

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Gifu City Library | From Gifu Japanese umbrellas told by a female Japanese umbrella craftsman Mikiko Kawai

Minna no Mori Gifu Media Cosmos Civic Pride Place

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Gifu Prefecture | Gifujo! Miki Tanaka

Gifu Prefecture Health and Welfare Department Children and Women's Affairs Bureau Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Promotion Division

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a un | Ubiyori Representative / Japanese umbrella craftsman Mikiko Kawai

Seino Printing Co., Ltd. a un editorial office

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