Enjoying going out on a rainy day! A traditional Gifu Japanese umbrella with a stylish design.

Even going out in the rainy season, which is coming soon, is exciting with a snake-eye umbrella

Even if STAY HOME calms down in June

When I decided to go out, it was raining season ...

But I'm sure you'll be looking forward to going out on a rainy day with a snake-eye umbrella.

The scent of vegetable oil that scents when you open a Japanese umbrella.

The sound of raindrops hitting Japanese paper.

Japanese umbrellas are full of charm not found in Western umbrellas.

Gifu Japanese umbrella craftsman who made a break with "Sakura Japanese umbrella"
Mikiko Kawai's modern design

In Gifu, which produces nearly 70% of Japanese umbrellas, there are many traditional designs, but

Only young Japanese umbrella craftsman Mikiko Kawai works on this "crescent moon".

Kawai's modern design Japanese umbrellas are easy to match with not only Japanese clothes but also clothes, so many young people in their 20s and 40s buy them.

The Japanese umbrella is a lucky charm of "spreading the end".

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