For "Dosan Loss" measures! Taiga drama "Kirin comes" Dodo Saito's family crest Japanese umbrella is popular!

Dosan Saito, who was synonymous with Gekokujo and stole the country of Mino.
It can be imagined from the culture of Gifu that continues to this day that he has taken a highly foresighted approach as a politician who is familiar with not only heroism but also culture. The water transportation management of the Nagara River, which we focused on as an economic policy, stabilized the distribution of wood and Japanese paper, and supported the prosperity of the Gifu lanterns and Gifu Japanese umbrella industry from the Edo period.
Why don't you get a glimpse of the Warring States period with the snake-eye umbrella that the history built by Dosan and the culture of Gifu soaked in?

The family crest "Tachinami", which is said to have been designed by Dosan Saito himself.
The image of Dosan Saito is black and red.
The rare black plain Japanese umbrella is decorated with red-dyed bamboo bones and red eaves paper.
Made by cutting out black Japanese paper and stretching white Japanese paper from the inside using the "cutting" technique

* It is very popular and will be made to order. The delivery date is scheduled for around August 2020.

◆ Umbrella length approx. 60 cm
◆ Diameter about 106 cm
◆ Overall length (including handle) approx. 74 cm
◆ 44 bones