With a Japanese umbrella for Father's Day, look forward to another day

I want you to be a stylish father forever.
With a Japanese umbrella to give to Father's Day, "Look forward to the day you go out again."

Would you like to give me a gift? I hope I can go out again someday.

A simple and clean umbrella that you can enjoy the texture of bamboo, wood, and Japanese paper.
You can use it smartly regardless of your appearance.

We also recommend the snake-eye umbrella of Saito Dosanmon [Futari Tachinami], which is a hot topic in the Taiga drama.
Red is effective at the point on the symbol color black.
In addition, Oda Nobunaga Crest [Oda Kikyo] and Akechi Mitsuhide Crest [Kikyou] are available.

The one-of-a-kind [Moon guy] and [Crescent moon] with colors and patterns that match your father's taste are also unique and wonderful.

The Japanese umbrella is said to be a lucky charm that spreads out and avoids disasters, so now you can decorate it at home and enjoy it.

For Father's Day gift wrapping, we will attach a hand-printed message card to Mino handmade Japanese paper one by one by letterpress printing.
The rhombus pattern is said to have been used for a long time to protect yourself from disasters.
Because it is difficult now, we have incorporated a diamond pattern into the message card with such thoughts in mind.