With a Japanese umbrella given to Mother's Day, "Look forward to the day when you go out again."

A gorgeous gift in early summer when UV rays become stronger.

Early summer when ultraviolet rays become stronger. Japanese umbrella parasols are very popular as gifts for Mother's Day every year. Would you like to give your parents a gorgeous Japanese umbrella gift under the prolonged restrictions on going out? I hope I can go out again someday.


Special excitement for mothers.


For mothers who like kimono, tea ceremony and flower arrangement, we will accompany the tea ceremony. As a tool to enjoy nostalgia and modern fashion for mothers who brought it as a wedding tool. Just taking a picture in the garden will make you feel excited. If you are a good mother and daughter living together, you can lend them from time to time, and it seems that you can interact with them.


Now that I can't easily meet my mother who lives away. It is also good to have your favorite pattern selected in advance at the online shop. If you add a Japanese umbrella to your fashion, just like having a little coat or bag, you will surely be able to enjoy a special excitement for your mother.

Revived the lost traditional technique of Japanese umbrella "Amiyo",

A work by Miki Tanaka, a craftsman at the Takahashi Japanese umbrella store.


Gifu Japanese umbrella that produces nearly 70% of Japan. Among them, the craftsman with particularly high technology is Miki Tanaka of Takahashi Wakasa store. The Japanese umbrella of "Ajiro" is a special umbrella called Ajiro, which has a beautiful expression of the eaves because two eaves threads intersect. Mr. Tanaka revived this traditional technique that was once lost, and now he is the only craftsman in Japan to incorporate this technique into making Japanese umbrellas.


Beautiful colorful Japanese paper shines like an aurora. If you look through the light, it will look different, or you can feel the fibers of Japanese paper ... I want you to look up under the clear sky. The handle is screw-type and removable, so it can be carried compactly.