Parasol to enjoy the beauty of Japanese paper

Japanese umbrellas have become a popular season. Introducing a design parasol with a stylish "eave (end part)".

Parasol [Amiyoken guy eaves black]

A special parasol called Amiyo, which has a beautiful expression on the eaves because two eaves threads intersect.
Colorful Japanese paper is as beautiful as the luster of the mother-of-pearl.
The black Japanese paper on the eaves gives a stylish and sharp impression.
The handle is screw-type and removable, so it can be carried compactly.

◆ Umbrella length approx. 48 cm
◆ Diameter approx. 86 cm
◆ Overall length (including handle) approx. 78 cm
◆ Number of bones 40
◆ Handle Sakura is removable
◆ Production Takahashi Wakasa store Miki Tanaka