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Display ideas for Japanese umbrellas in your room

A Japanese umbrella so beautiful you'll want to look at it forever. It's also popular as an interior decoration.

Gorgeous Japanese umbrellas. In addition to using them as rain or sun umbrellas, some people also enjoy them as interior decorations.

We will show you how to decorate a room, such as your home, store, or temple, and we will introduce some display ideas!

Decorate with Japanese umbrellas

Place a Japanese umbrella on the floor

The easiest way to decorate is to simply place an open Japanese umbrella on the floor (or on a desk, etc.).
If you walk around it you can enjoy both the inside and the outside.

A fun treat only available to those who have purchased the umbrella is to lie down with your head under the open umbrella indoors. It'll be like a tent or planetarium showered with colors, and you'll be able to enjoy a luxurious view just for you.

Things to be careful of when placing a Japanese umbrella on the floor

The important thing to remember when placing a Japanese umbrella is how to place it.
When placing or lifting an open Japanese umbrella, always hold it by the handle!
Lifting the washi paper of the umbrella puts strain on the washi paper and bamboo frame and may cause damage, so we would appreciate it if you could hold it gently.

Also, if you need to move the umbrella slightly, it is best to lift it off the floor and then put it back down. If the ribs are pulled by friction with the floor, the umbrella will be damaged.

× {Examples of what not to do when lifting a Japanese umbrella} Lifting it by grabbing the washi paper

The wrong way to hold a Japanese umbrella

Example of how to lift a Japanese umbrella: Hold the handle (pattern)

The correct way to hold a Japanese umbrella

Try using a Japanese umbrella stand

I don't want to place it directly on the floor, I want to open the Japanese umbrella and display it nicely, I don't want to hang it, but I'd like to display it on a stand, floating a little...
In such cases, why not try using a stand made specifically for Japanese umbrellas?

Japanese Umbrella Stand [Cypress/Sakura] - Japanese Umbrella CASA

Japanese Umbrella Stand [Cypress/Sakura] - Japanese Umbrella CASA

At Wagasa CASA, we have created an original stand (umbrella display unit) that allows you to beautifully display one Japanese umbrella.

The thickness of Japanese umbrella handles varies depending on the umbrella, but there are up to two ways to display them.
Umbrellas with thin handles, such as snake-eye umbrellas and parasols, can be displayed in two ways (diagonal or vertical), while umbrellas with thick handles, such as folding umbrellas, can be displayed in one way (vertical).

Japanese Umbrella Stand [Cypress/Sakura] - Japanese Umbrella CASA

Japanese Umbrella Stand [Cypress/Sakura] - Japanese Umbrella CASA

If the Japanese umbrella has a two-stage fastener, such as a Janome umbrella, it can be displayed in a slightly closed position.
If you place it on a desk or table, you won't have any trouble finding a place to put it as all you need is space for the cross at the base.

You may be wondering if this cross alone is enough, but thanks to the careful calculations of Tsubaki Lab, who manufactured it, it is perfectly stable!
You can see the production process on TsubakiLab's YouTube channel.

Video | Tsubaki Lab: Making a Japanese umbrella stand

  1. Tsubaki Lab HP

For more details on the Japanese umbrella stands introduced this time, check out the Wagasa CASA online shop!

Other ideas for decorating Japanese umbrellas

Some of our customers have been having fun coming up with their own ideas, so we'd like to share some of them for your reference.
  • Those who are hung from above using raincoat strings
  • Those who want to create original stands to display items at a high position
  • People who want to create a space in their new home where they can display Japanese umbrellas horizontally

*If you are displaying it high up, don't forget to take measures to prevent it from falling!


What do you think of these display ideas that you can do in one room of your home?
Japanese umbrellas can be used not only as everyday items, but can also be enjoyed as decorations.
It has a strong presence, so just displaying it will brighten up your room.
You can take a good look at the color and structure of the washi paper, so please try to find a way to match it to your room.

Scenery with a Japanese umbrella

Scenery with a Japanese umbrella

In-store display photos

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