Performed with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi in the NHK "The Last 00"! Parasol of Japanese umbrella craftsman Kazuo Nagaya and Japanese craftsman Miki Tanaka

Co-starred with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi on NHK "Last XX-Japanese Red Data-"!
Work of Kazuo Nagaya, the only umbrella potter's wheel craftsman in Japan

Currently, only Kazuo Nagaya of Gifu is the only person in Japan who can make the main parts of Japanese umbrellas, the potter's wheel.

ORGAN, an NPO that operates the Japanese umbrella CASA, collaborates with Japanese umbrella craftsmen.

Through crowdfunding, we are proceeding with a project to raise the disciples of Nagaya.


This is because all of the 10 small Japanese umbrella producing areas in Japan would not be possible without the potter's wheel of the nagaya.

If you don't raise a successor in the future, the domestic Japanese umbrellas used by Kabuki and Maiko Geiko will be

Because you will never be able to make it.


Last week 5/1 (Friday) was NHK BS Premium, and today 5/8 (Friday) is a gold discount frame in 3 Tokai prefectures.

"Last ◯◯ ~ Japanese Red Data ~" was broadcast.

In this program, the navigator Tsuyoshi Kusanagi asks about the last craftsman in Japan.

Mr. Nagaya was taken up firmly and received a great response on SNS.

The Japanese umbrella of the Takahashi Japanese umbrella store, where the potter's wheel of the nagaya is beautiful
The potter's wheel is an important part that supports the bones of a Japanese umbrella.
It can only be made from a tree called Styrax japonicus.
Introducing a beautiful parasol with a beautiful ego tree.
Miki Tanaka, a Japanese umbrella craftsman who appeared on the same program
A Japanese umbrella craftsman who continues to make high-quality Japanese umbrellas that represent Japan at a young age.

A Japanese umbrella parasol with an elegant impression that is perfect for clothes
The parasol this time is [Watermark Japanese paper polka dots x indigo dyed handmade Mino Japanese paper (Hoki Kobo)]
Since it is double-layered using different Japanese paper on the front and inside, you can enjoy a different look when you let the light through.
The inner Japanese paper is openwork Japanese paper with polka dots.
The outside is made of Japanese paper that has been dyed indigo from the state of the fibers.
Both are Mino handmade Japanese paper from Hogi Kobo, which continues to make world-class products using watermark Japanese paper technology.
The handle is screw-type and removable, so it can be carried compactly.
A Japanese umbrella parasol with an elegant cuteness that is perfect for going out with clothes.



The advanced crafts that remain in Japan with the supple sense of women

More like a good designer than a stubborn craftsman
Continue to make beautiful things with your own completion
Miki Tanaka has many fans.
Please take this opportunity to pick up your parasol.