Gifu Wagasa's rokuro craftsman, Kazuo Nagaya, will perform with NHK BS Premium "The Last 00" together with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi!

As the only craftsman in Japan to make umbrella potter's wheel, Nagaya in Gifu has supported the making of Japanese umbrellas all over Japan.
I'm currently working on developing successors by involving the entire industry, so I'm not going to make it the "last ◯◯", but
I'm sure that I'm the only technician at the moment.
How will it be taken up? In any case, I envy the co-starring with Kusanagi-kun! I'm looking forward to it!
Today 5/1 will be broadcast on NHK BS Premium, but next week 5/8 will be broadcast on NHK terrestrial broadcasting in the three prefectures of Tokai.
Please take a look!

Japanese umbrella CASA is also appearing ↓

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Tsuyoshi Kusanagi presents "Diversity of Japan" Recorded Program

Last 〇〇 Red Data of Japan

Friday, May 1 [BS Premium] 10: 00-10: 59
May 8th (Friday) [Comprehensive] 7: 30-7: 55 "Kintoku Last 〇〇 ~ Red Data of Japan ~"

Showa・ In the Heisei era, the "ordinary things" that were commonplace in our daily lives are now on the verge of extinction.──

In Japan, the only "product" in the world that can only be made at that factory, the "technology" inherited only by the craftsman, and the "taste" that has been loved in the region.

In the program, we will thoroughly research the "last XX" that is latent in various parts of Japan, and verify the unknown value such as "If XX is extinct, this effect will actually occur ...". The extinction of 〇〇 is in danger of Japanese food! ?? The department store went bankrupt when 〇〇 disappeared! ?? What is the truth about the extinction? We welcome guests who are involved in the "last XX" in various fields, and approach the beliefs and ways of life that have been passed down!

This program is an "intellectual exploration program" that rediscovers the "diversity of Japan" that is decisive for extinction and is expected to become extinct soon.