NHK General "Cheers to Tsurube's Family" Masahiro Motoki and Tsurube Shōfukutei

[Broadcast on February 10, 2020]
NHK General "Kirin comes SP! Cheers to the family of Tsurubin Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture Bukkake Journey"

Okawa drama "Kirin comes" In Gifu City, which is the stage of the Mino edition, Masahiro Motoki, who plays the role of Michizo Saito in the drama, and Tsurubin, Efukutei, visited our shop, and about 70% of Japanese umbrellas are in Gifu. I talked about the fact that it is made in the city.
The customer who just came to the store was told that he had a Japanese umbrella as a wedding tool.

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