Enjoy the Janome Umbrella with all five senses!

A woman holding a snake-eye umbrella

Enjoy with all five senses! snake eye umbrella

There are mainly two types of Japanese umbrellas for rainy days. They are "Bangasa" and "Janome Usa."
"Janome umbrella" has a more glamorous image than "Bangasa".
A Japanese umbrella with a beautiful blooming beauty, such as colorful washi paper and stitched threads ─ We will introduce you to the key points to enjoy the Janome umbrella with all five senses!

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1. Enjoy with your eyes

Japanese umbrellas can be made of paper in a variety of ways, and the impression can change just by using different combinations of Japanese paper.
The colorful Japanese paper is coated with oil for waterproofing. The effect of the oil gives the Japanese paper a translucent feel.
The bright colors of Japanese paper that allow light to pass through them are sure to please your eyes.
Also, due to the oxidation of the oil, the entire paper gradually becomes yellowish. Please enjoy the changes over time.

The stitching is also a point of beauty. The threads are used to strengthen the umbrella so that it won't open any further, but it's also a delicate and fascinating decoration.
It's fun to see the craftsmen's subtle attention to detail, such as yellow, the traditional color of Gifu Japanese umbrellas, and thread colors that match the atmosphere of the washi paper and umbrella.

Janome Kazukiko Pink x Hydrangea

Differences in thread color

2. Enjoy with your ears

The best time to enjoy using a Janome umbrella is on a rainy day!
You can hear gentle sounds that can only be heard on rainy days.
The soothing and warm sound of rain hitting Japanese paper. A Japanese umbrella made from washi paper, which is different from a Western umbrella, is a perfect treat for a rainy day.
The sound changes depending on the strength of the rain, so I go out of my way to hear it.

Another important point is to listen carefully to the sound of opening and closing a Japanese umbrella.
The sound of the hajiki (stopper) when opening an umbrella, the sound of Japanese paper when opening and closing a Japanese umbrella... Hajiki has different sounds depending on the type of metal or wood, so be sure to listen and compare to find your favorite sound.

Opening and closing of Japanese umbrella

3. Enjoy the smell (scent of oil)

The oil applied to Japanese paper is a blend of drying oils (oils that dry and harden by reacting with oxygen in the air) such as perilla oil, linseed oil, and tung oil.
It is also unique that the scent of the oil that comes from the umbrella varies depending on the Japanese umbrella wholesaler or craftsman.
Some of our customers notice the unique scent of Umbrellas (Janome Usa/Bangasa) as soon as they enter the store. If you use it on a rainy day, the smell of the oil will subside compared to when it was new.

4. Enjoy by feel

Gifu Japanese umbrellas are characterized by their slim, beautiful and elegant appearance when closed. The feel is the fourth recommendation.
The Janome umbrella in particular is thin enough for a woman to hold in one hand. I feel that this product was born because various conditions were met, such as the regional characteristics of Gifu and the scale of production.

Another highlight is the smooth texture of the cashew lacquer applied to the umbrella ribs.
I still remember the first time I held a closed Japanese umbrella, the feeling of it fitting in my hand was like no other.
The thin bones are neatly arranged, and the cashew lacquer coating is glossy, making you want to stroke it.

Closed figure of a snake eye umbrella


We have introduced some points to enjoy using Janome Umbrella.
Eyes, ears, smell, touch... Japanese umbrellas have a charm that can be enjoyed with all five senses.
Why don't you live a life where you can't wait for rainy days and want to use a snake-eye umbrella?
Whether you're wearing Japanese clothes or Western clothes, depending on your mood that day, use your favorite Japanese umbrella to create your own special space.

There are many other ways to enjoy Japanese umbrellas!

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A woman holding an umbrella to neutralize the snow

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