Aims and initiatives of "Wakasa CASA" with us (NPO corporation ORGAN)

Gifu Japanese umbrella that started selling at Nagara River department store Minatomachi store in 2016.

Through the sale of Japanese umbrellas, as we touch on the story behind everything from the parts supply system of Styrax japonicus and Rokuro to the industrial structure of the town of Gifu, it is said that Japanese umbrellas are the products that embody the blessings of the Nagara River. We arrive at the hypothesis.

In 2018, we will utilize the funds collected through the "My Town Fund" and crowdfunding to establish the "Nagara River Handcraft Information Dissemination Base" Nagara River Work Machiya CASA ". Among them, the Gifu Japanese umbrella specialty store "Wakasa CASA" was opened. It is the only Gifu Japanese umbrella specialty store that sells in a 100-year-old machiya in Kawaharamachi, Gifu City, where the atmosphere of the town remains.

I want to connect the culture of Japanese umbrellas to the future in Gifu, which makes nearly 70% of Japanese umbrellas.
We always have nearly 60 umbrellas such as snake-eye umbrellas, number umbrellas, and sun umbrellas. With Gifu Japanese umbrella as the core, we have been making efforts to convey the "Nagara River basin brand".

Since the opening of CASA, there have been more opportunities to expose the media and disseminate information in public places using Japanese umbrellas as hooks, and I feel that interest in the work of the Nagara River is increasing. I also met encouraging understanding people such as Mr. Kondo of Kabuki prop "Fujinami prop". 

Through this process, we steadily stimulated demand for Japanese umbrellas and cultivated the market to gain a response to increased sales. In 2019, we established the Gifu Japanese Umbrella Association and crowdfunded to recruit craftsmen. You will face the challenge facing the industry of "absence of people".

How was ORGAN involved in these movements and what did they want to achieve? We will introduce the activities related to the Japanese umbrella, not as a movement in one industry, but as a model business to connect the Nagara River culture to the future.

Japanese umbrella CASA YouTube channel

◆ Store: 500-8009 29 Minatomachi, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture Nagara River Work Machiya CASA 1F
◆Business hours: 11: 00-18: 00
◆ Regular holiday: Tuesday and Wednesday
◆ Phone: +81 090-8335-9759