Collection: Japanese umbrella in the shape of a bellflower

With the motif of the family crest "Light Blue Kikyomon" by Akechi Mitsuhide, the main character of the taiga drama "Kirin ga Kuru", "Kikyo Wakasa" produced by Mikiko Kawai has been completed!

Although it is cut out in the shape of a flower like a cherry blossom umbrella, its size is an order of magnitude! A large umbrella used on the stage such as Kabuki, and hand-dyed Mino Japanese paper, you can enjoy the light blue kikyo from the outside and the purple gradation from the inside.

Please enjoy the best Japanese umbrella that could only be produced in the land of Mino where Nobunaga, Dosan, and Mitsuhide played an active role.

For ordering and details, Japanese umbrella CASA( Person in charge: Kawaguchi)Please contact us.

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  • Parasol(Japanese umbrella) [Kikyou(bellflower) Japanese umbrella rental]
    日傘【桔梗和傘 レンタル】 - 和傘CASA
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