Buy a Japanese umbrella! I tried listening to real voices.

Buy a Japanese umbrella! I listened to real voices

We asked Gifu Wagasa users, "What's it really like?"

"I'd like to try using a Japanese umbrella, but I don't know what it's like because I don't know anyone who uses it."
For those of you who want to know more about Gifu Wagasa, we asked a few questions to Gifu Wagasa users.
In this article, we will introduce ``real voices'', including answers to questions and stories we hear while serving customers on a daily basis.
I would be happy if you could imagine holding up a Japanese umbrella even just a little bit after reading this!

What kind of people buy Japanese umbrellas in the first place?

My impression is that the most common reason for purchasing is "I'm interested in Japanese umbrellas and want to try them out myself!"
People may see them on TV or in magazines, or they may just happen to touch our Japanese umbrellas at a store and become interested in them.
There are many ways to learn about Gifu Japanese umbrellas, but we are very happy that people want to try them out.
At CASA, we have customers from a wide range of generations, from their 20s (some even teenagers!) to those in their 70s and 80s.

Others are for gifts, displays, photo props, etc. Please choose the Japanese umbrella that suits your purpose.

How often do you use Japanese umbrellas?

Japanese umbrella photo

Some Gifu Wagasa users frequently use Japanese umbrellas, using Janome umbrellas on rainy days and parasols on sunny days. It would be great if I could use it like that on a daily basis, but the reality is that many people say that even if they buy it with the intention of using it themselves, they are unable to use it because they are worried about when to actually use it.
But that's okay.
It is enough to use it whenever you want and according to your mood.
“Whether it’s Japanese clothes or Western clothes, you can touch it whenever you want.”
Feel free to enjoy Japanese umbrellas!

Ask Gifu Wagasa users! All about Japanese umbrellas


From here, we will introduce in order the questions we asked Gifu Wagasa users around us!

What was the image you had of a Japanese umbrella before you picked one up?

・I didn't know much about Japanese umbrellas because I didn't know anyone around me who used them.
・I thought it was something that the younger generation didn't have.
・Until CASA was created, I had no idea of ​​using it.
・It was difficult to use it on a rainy day or on a regular basis, and I thought it was only used by people wearing kimonos.
- Looks heavy and difficult to handle

What are your impressions after actually using the Japanese umbrella after purchasing it?

・When I picked it up, it was lighter than I had imagined (*this may vary from person to person)
・When I hold a Japanese umbrella, my back feels stiff.
・Feel excited even on rainy days
・Sometimes when I meet someone for the first time, they say, ``You're wonderful,'' and it becomes a topic of conversation.
・It goes well with clothes so I feel free to use it.
・The maintenance method was easier than I expected.

What should you wear when wearing a Japanese umbrella?

Snow, Japanese umbrella and woman

When enjoying a Japanese umbrella, many people choose to wear it with their clothes.
It is often said that ``Japanese umbrellas must be dressed in Japanese style''. Please enjoy using Japanese umbrellas not only in Japanese clothing, but also in Western clothes.
You can use it as a daily item regardless of its style, or you can coordinate it with a Japanese umbrella.

Please refer to the article below for coordination.

  1. Coordination of Japanese umbrellas and clothes, Japanese umbrellas and kimono

The main points of my Japanese umbrella!

``I like this!'' of my favorite Japanese umbrella! ”I was taught the following points!
What drew you to it? It may be helpful when deciding on a purchase.

Purchased a parasol (Tsukiyo Tsukiyoku Japanese nightingale x round lattice), woman in her 40s

"I like the modern design (Japanese paper pattern). It goes well with clothes."

Parasol moon nightingale x round lattice

Purchased small umbrella (Maruto Fujisawa Shoten), female in her 20s

``I bought it because I felt the beauty in the simplicity of the bamboo and washi paper with little decoration.''

small umbrella

Purchased Janome Umbrella (Tsukiyo Tsukiko navy blue x chrysanthemum arabesque), male in his 40s

``The Tsukikko design is very beautiful, and the color is a calm navy blue, so I thought it would be easy to match with clothes, so I bought it.''

Snake eye umbrella moon dark blue x chrysanthemum arabesque


This time we have mainly introduced the voices of Gifu Wagasa users.
In particular, it is difficult for even our staff to know the impressions after purchasing and actually using the umbrella, so we would like to continue to share this information with everyone so that they can use it as a reference when purchasing Japanese umbrellas!
There are many things that are difficult to convey in photos and videos, such as the weight and feel of the item, so if you have a chance, please take a look at the actual item.

How to actually touch Gifu Japanese umbrellas

In addition to the Gifu Japanese umbrella specialty store ``Wagasa CASA'', the Gifu Japanese Umbrella Association is also increasingly holding stalls at special events, so be sure to check out the event information!
  1. Special event stall/event information

Store opening scene

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