Meitetsu “EMOTION! ”Japanese umbrella CASA appears in Gifu edition!

As the 10th installment of "EMOTION!", in which Nagoya Railway disseminates the charms of the areas along the line, the "Gifu Edition" will be released from March 22, 2023, and Gifu Wagasa and Wagasa CASA will appear as one of them. Doing!
The poster arrived at the store, so I posted it right away 👏

The Nagara River flows through the center of Gifu City, and Mt. Kinka, where Gifu Castle is located, rises right next to it, making it an attractive city rich in nature.

In the posters and TV commercials, you can enjoy Hana Kawamura, the image character of "EMOTION!", touching on the beautiful charms of Gifu, such as Kawaramachi, the Nagara River area, and the Gifu Great Buddha!

The Tsukikko (pink x floral pattern) parasol made by Tsukihiyori suited Kawamura very well and was cute, and I was impressed by how happily she looked at the Japanese umbrella during the photo shoot.

In addition, the commercial is packed with Gifu's charms, such as Sarashina's chilled tanuki and water fans, which can be considered Gifu's soul food!
You can see it on posters at Meitetsu stations and other places in Gifu City, as well as on TV, so please check it out♪
You can also watch the TV commercial video on YouTube.

●Nagoya Railway Company CM “EMOTION! Gifu Edition 30 seconds”
●Nagoya Railway “EMOTION!” special site

We are about to enter the tourist season for cormorant fishing on the Nagara River, so please take this opportunity to come to Gifu and Kawaramachi!