handmade Japanese paper made in Mino x Itoshiro clothing store Indigo dye Japanese umbrella

Collaboration between Itoshiro clothing store and Japanese umbrella CASA

Itoshiro clothing store We had you make a collaboration Japanese umbrella for the exhibition!

◆ Mino Handmade Japanese Paper: Terada Japanese Paper Studio Yukio Terada
◆ Indigo Dyeing: Ishitoru White Clothing Store

A special Japanese umbrella connected by hand in the Nagara River basin was unveiled for the first time today.

A Japanese umbrella that cannot be made from scratch by yourself.

This Japanese umbrella, which was made through the hands of many craftsmen, has its own hardships and thoughts, and the beauty of the existence itself seems to represent it.

The beauty of the shades of indigo is unbearable. It is a Japanese umbrella that I want to love forever.