Introduction of craftsmen

[KASA-Biyori: Mikiko Kawai]


 Born in a family of Japanese umbrella wholesalers, he grew up watching Japanese umbrella making from an early age. It has a reputation for making gorgeous and beautiful Japanese umbrellas with high technology, such as working on the popular cherry blossom type Japanese umbrellas and original Japanese umbrellas.


[Takahashi Japanese umbrella store: Miki Tanaka]

 After working at "Sakaida Eikichi Main Store" for more than 10 years, he now works independently and sets up a workshop by himself. As I aimed to become a Japanese umbrella craftsman from a Japanese paper lover, the individuality of the Japanese umbrella that you can fully enjoy the charm of Japanese paper appears. It has a good reputation for its beautiful Japanese umbrellas created by reliable technology and stylish taste.


 [Eikichi Sakaida Main Store]

 Founded in 1918. Gifu Japanese umbrella wholesaler. The founder, Eikichi Sakata, devised and produced a novel style of Japanese umbrella, which is the mainstream Japanese umbrella. Currently, he is in charge of manufacturing and repairing the hanging umbrellas of Ise Jingu, and has inherited the traditional beauty of Japanese umbrellas.

[Maruto Fujisawa Shoten]
Founded in Showa 6. Gifu Japanese umbrella wholesaler. He has been making efforts to train craftsmen for a long time and is leading the Gifu Japanese umbrella industry. We handle a wide variety of Japanese umbrellas, from everyday snake-eye umbrellas to Kabuki and Japanese dance umbrellas and festival Japanese umbrellas.

  [Akihiro Hirano Shoten]

A Japanese umbrella wholesaler that has been around for over 100 years. I have been good at silk dance umbrellas for dance. Currently, he is making straightforward Japanese umbrellas such as ban umbrellas and colorful snake-eye umbrellas.